Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 127.02

Mrs Hammond took his face between the thumb and fingers of one hand. “You'll do,” she said, making several of the surrounding children laugh. “You'll do. Just the right man for the job, you are.”

“Um, for what?” Harold's lips felt bruised from the attention. “I'm a busy man, you know. Generally, I mean. I'm generally busy.”

“We need you on the PTA, Mr Waterman. A man of your strength and integrity would be able to chair the committee for years to come. Why don't you join us, hmm?”

“The PTA?” Harold backed off a pace, away from the touchy-feely Mrs Hammond. “I have neither the desire nor the implication to be on any committee and especially not one that deals with school raffles and fun days. Thank you for the offer but I must regretfully decline.”

“It could be the making of you.” Mrs Hammond hooked one meaty arm around his shoulders. “A humble member of the PTA this year, chairman of the board next year and after that?”


“The local council. Elections...Who knows how far you can go. Don't let all that charisma go to waste, Mr. Waterman. Come and join us.”

“Election, eh?” Harold rubbed his chin. “I can think of a few policies that want changing.”

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