Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 128.05

He had a sudden thought. She'd used the phrase 'Dear dog.' He'd used the same exclamation for years. Jasfoup objected to most swear words, considering them either an invocation of a higher being – or a lower one, depending upon the swear, an admissible sin based upon the patent uncertainty of the oath or, and this was the one he liked most, a blatant invitation. Harold had been cured of the phrase 'bugger me' after the arrival of an incubus. In truth it was after the seventh incubus and a quick visit to the hospital where he had to endure a humiliating X-ray and the sniggers of three doctors and seven nurses. It was his advice ever after to never say 'Bugger me with a cactus' after that. “Why did you say 'dear dog'?”

Why wouldn't I? You've been saying it ever since I can remember.”

Really?” Harold looked across at the boy who had taken out a hand-held computer game and plugged in a pair of headphones. “You must have had him young.”

Yes.” She looked at the lad and smiled for the first time since Harold had woken up. “I don't regret it for a moment though.”

Is...” Harold reviewed their conversation. “Simon his father?”

She laughed, a light, melodious sound that seemed to cross several octaves concurrently. “No, though they get on well enough. I had Leonard when I did my postgrad in the States.”

Right. Are you still in touch with his father?”

The nurse's smile faded and was replaced by glistening eyes. “No, Dad. Don't you remember?” She glanced back at the boy but he was absorbed in his game, the headphones effectively giving them privacy. “I was raped.”

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