Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 128.06

“What?” He knew what she'd said but it took him a moment to process. Whoever this woman was, and he was almost certain she wasn't his suddenly grown up daughter, no-one should have to go through an ordeal like rape. Where was Jasfoup? He'd request retribution.

“It was during my postgrad. I won a scholarship from the Conservative Club and was researching for a re-write of 'State of the Union', touring what used to be the confederate provinces. It happened in Tennessee...”

“Where they make it difficult for women to get medical help.” Harold finished the sentence for her. “Why didn't you come home? Back to England, I mean?”

“I was only on a student visa. Once I left, I wouldn't get another one and I'd forfeit the bursary. I chose to stay, to complete my research.”

“What about the man? Was he arrested?”

She shrugged. “No. I made a formal complaint with the local police but they had a new law in place.”

“New law?” Harold racked his brains but he wasn't familiar with the ever changing American laws. “Go on.”

“In order to prove it was rape I had to wait six weeks to determine if I was pregnant, the theory being that a woman's body prevented conception if it was a legitimate rape. Since I was pregnant they considered it consensual sex.”

“That's terrible.” He looked across at the lad, still absorbed in his game. “So you kept it.”

“Him, Dad. Kept him. And yes. But he doesn't know about his father. You're never to tell him, okay?”


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