Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 129.03

“Yes sergeant.” White took a deep breath of the clean air. He could smell the sweet tang of elderflower and wondered where it came from. April was a bit early for elder to be in bloom. “Sometimes a case is more important than marriage, as you'll no doubt discover in due course. I've lost count of the number of promises I've broken to Betty. Evenings out, shopping trips, promises to be home for dinner. A copper's wife leans patience above all else, more's the pity.”

“I know that already, sir, though Janet works long hours herself. I thought her studies were bar but passing the bar has just made her even more busy. I think she thrives on the challenge, to be honest.”

“Do you ever find a conflict of interests?”

“Not really. She deals with civil cases mostly, though I avoid talking about specific cases, just in case.”

“Very wise.”

“Your marriage survived, then?”

“Mostly. Something changed between us after that case. She stopped relying on me to take her out and started going out on her own. She has quite the social life, now, though I can't stop myself checking the backgrounds of some of her friends. Especially when she joined the operatic society.”

“Why's that, sir?”

“Because I remembered someone else who was in it. Gerry Fields said he was in a production of 'Pirates of Penzance' the night little Sally Fields went missing. I checked and he was but I couldn't shake the feeling he knew more than he was letting on.”

“It's usually someone who knew the victim.”

“Quite so.” White stretched. “Let's get on. The dolmen is another mile of walking.”

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