Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 130.05

“I'd suggest you'd be laughing on the other side of your face soon, Mr. Waterman, but the truth is you'll never laugh again, so enjoy your merriment while you may.”

“I will. last request?”

Manoach made a dismissive motion with his left hand. “Very well. Even after all this time I have not lost my humanity. Call your demon, then, and bring your daughter for her last farewell.

“That's uncommonly kind of you.” Harold stretched, then began to cross the small space to the door he'd entered by. In a real cathedral it might be the door to the choir loft or the vestry. Here it just led back down to the storage area. “Have you been here long? I only ask because I toured the Magelight facility a couple of years ago and I didn't see any of this.”

“Not long, Mr Waterman, not long. It's amazing what you can achieve with three dozen demons to assist you. Would you believe this was a weapons facility when I arrived? All sorts of gadgets designed to kill, maim and otherwise slaughter or enhance the human condition. I did away with all of that when I discovered a small imp held captive who had the secrets of the nature of magically enhanced servants. One doesn't look back when one is offered the opportunity of of an army of immortals.”

“I suppose not.” Harold opened the door and looked out. Dill, Jasfoup and Lucy were still waiting at the bottom of the stairs. “Manoach has granted me a request before he kills Gillian and I. You can bring Lucy up for a visit.”

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