Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 130.16

“Perhaps he will.” Gillian bent to pick up her daughter. “Who can tell where he'll end up now. He wanted to wage war on Hell itself. Does that make him good or evil in the eyes of God?”

“It makes him a man, and man is ever prone to judgement.” Jasfoup gave the pile of bones a nudge with his foot. “And being judged.”

Harold passed him the sword cane and slipped the Remington into a pocket. “That's a bleak answer.”

“It's all pretty bleak if you look at it the wrong way. We are all puppets of a jealous god, waiting for the end of the world.”

“Best make the most of it, then.” Harold slapped him on the shoulder. “Is that it, then? Can we go home, now?”

“Not yet.” Dill appeared from the stairwell, cautious until he realised the demons were all gone. “We still have to find Jim Hunt and put a stop to the weed production. I don't want any more people enduring what Amanda, Sam and I had to.”

“Ooh, Amanda. I'd almost forgotten about her.” Harold grinned. “I wonder if she's cooked yet.”

“It's only been a day, Harold.”

“But we sent her back with Devious.”

“True.” Jasfoup looked about the Cathedral. “First things first, though. Let's find the elusive Mr. Hunt.”

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