Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 131.03

Gillian snickered softly. “Yes, it hardly seems fair.”

“What doesn't?”

“You being granted extreme longevity just when mortals are granted immortality.”

“Only for a chosen few who can afford their services, remember.” Harold scowled. “Besides, that's always been on the cards. Man has always strived to prolong his allotted span. You can talk, anyway. You're a vampire.”

They began to follow the others along the new corridor and up several flights of stairs. He looked up the centre of the stairwell but it seemed to be about seven stories in total. A cat could probably survive the fall.

Gillian huffed Lucy higher on her hip to get a better grip. “True, but I could still die. There are plenty of ways to destroy a vampire.”

“What ways?” Lucy perked up, rubbing her eyes with a fist.

“I don't want to go into it, darling.”

“Could you be killed by somebody mashing your head in with a mallet?”

“That would hurt, love, but not kill me.”

“What if they chop your head off.”

Harold grinned. “That works for most people.”

“What about being stabbed in the brain with a big, ginormous metal pole?”

“No, Lucy, that's for zombies like Dill.”

“Is it?” Lucy craned her neck to catch sight of him in front of Jasfoup. “Would he die if I put a spike in his brain? Really?”

“Yes love. Zombies and mortals all die if you put a spike in their brain.”

“But not vampires?”

“No, darling, not vampires. We wouldn't be too please, mind, and it's difficult to fight with a ginormous spike in your head.”

“How do you know, though? Has someone put a massive spike in your head before.”

Harold sniggered. “Not in her head.”

“Where then?”

Gillian smiled. “Ignore Daddy. He's being rude.”

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