Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 131.06

“Closing an inter-dimensional gateway?” Harold frowned. That's a bit beyond me, I think. Not that I've tried, mind. I never had to. We could give Julie a call. It's one of her areas of expertise.” The image of Julie brought forth an image of her lying dead on the kitchen floor. “Oh.”

“You're going to have to learn this stuff now, old bean.” Jasfoup grinned and flexed his fingers like a pianist, though Harold had no clue why, since his natural form didn't have fingers. Or bones for that matter. He'd made the mistake of asking Jasfoup what his natural form was, once, but had regretted it through every nightmare since.

“I suppose.” He nodded. “Okay then, go on. Teach me the spell to close a rift.”

“I'm not sure I can.” The demon huffed and backtracked. “Not just like that, I mean. I'd have to teach you a smaller version then build up the the mind twisting agonies of closed a rift this size.”

“Right.” Harold studied his expression, or the expression Jasfoup had chosen, at least. “Do you know the spell?”

“Of course. I know all the spells.”

“Go on then. I'll study the nuances of gesture and inflection.”

“Good.” Jasfoup frowned slightly. “I was... er... going to suggest you do that.” He cleared his throat and held out his arms like a conductor of the Philharmonic. “Sit itineris tramitem claudere. Sit porta frange. Qui numquam rescindere et sal terrae post eam.

Harold gave him a tight smile. “Shut that door.”

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