Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 131.08

The demon gave a bark of laughter. “Once she has them, perhaps. Until then...” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a coil of rope. “It occurred to me that while I'm not allowed to affect the course of any individual human, and I dare not attach a demon of a hight rank than I am there's nothing stopping me fom subduing them and tying them up. That way I can argue that my actions are designed to protect the people I've been ordered to care for, i.e. you and by extension, Lucy.”

Harold performed a couple of practice swings with his walking-stick saber, the steel making a satisfactory swish through the air. “Excellent reasoning, old chap. I wish it had occurred to you when I was vastly outnumbered in the cathedral, though. I could have used the help there.”

“They were demons, though.” Jasfoup expertly knotted a lasso and twirled it. “And controlled by Manoach. I can't act against a demon of higher rank. These ones are possessing humans and unaligned, which makes them fair game.”

“Good to know.” Harold held up his sword.

“Watch it.” Dill scowled. “You nearly had my eye out.”

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