Friday, November 16, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 131.09

“Here they come.” Gillian dropped into a fighting stance in front of Lucy, protecting her. “They're at the door.”

“How many of them are there?”

“I count seven.”

“One each then.” Jasfoup twirled his lasso. “and four for her, obviously.”

Harold frowned. “Why four for Gillian?”

“Because she's the best fighter, obviously.”

“I can go off people, you know.” Harold gave the demon a thump on the arm. “Did you not see me in the cathedral? I took on two dozen demons and defeated them all while you cowered on the sidelines.”

“Not just on the sidelines, old bean, but passing you useful things you wouldn't have survived without, like your sword and your daughter and a bottle of--”

“Imp piss. Yes.” Harold darted forward as the door opened, lunged and took a possessed mortal through the throat before they'd even registered they were in melee range. “That's one down.”

“Very good, Harold.” Gillian reached forward and caught the wrist of the second attacker. Se dragged him through the doorway, her speed keeping him off balance, transferred her grip to his upper arh and pulled him close enough to kiss, though the chance of him kissing, biting or otherwise attacking back was vastly reduced by her other hand under his chin, bending his head backward until he was looking at his attacking friends. “Now, darling.”

Lucy touched his hand, pulling the demon from the body, which slumped suddenly. She tossed it to one side. “Two down.”

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