Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 131.10

Harold feinted at the face of a third possessed corpse – there was no other way to look at it, really, since the mortal spirit that once inhabited it had long since been displaced, probably to one of those glowing cubes – then cut through its femoral artery on his return swing. The creature stumbled and went down, enabling Harold to step forward and place one foot over its neck, pinning it in place. “Now, Lucy.”

He stabbed his sword into the side of a fourth victim, an inconvenient but not incapacitating wound. It would have been for a mortal man but when his fellow humans were nothing more than hand puppets operated by Manoach's legionnaires a would had to be fatal to force them out of the body.

The figure below his foot stopped struggling, a sure indication that Lucy had extracted the demon. How could a two year old toddler command such power and be able to reason so competently? Was it just the circumstances of her birth? The recessive gene that combined two nephilim DNA into elohim? Or was it something more sinister. She'd been a normal child until recently. Bright, but within the parameters for her peer group. Was she learning from the demons she was absorbing? Or was she being possessed by them?

Jasfoup's lasso landed over the neck of the one he'd stabbed in the stomach. He twisted to one side as the demon yanked it off its feet and dragged it forward into the reach of the demon child.

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