Monday, November 19, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 131.12

Gillian shrugged. “What do you think I am? An expert on afterlife? I'm a vampire, not a demon. I really wouldn't know.” She took a step back to draw her opponent forward and when he did, executed a perfect savate kick to the femur side of its knee, bending it the opposite way to the one nature intended and shattering its patella. It crumpled forward, enough for her to sidestep as it fell and Dill clonked it with his piece of metal sheeting. Lucy removed the possessing demon.”

Harold called back over his shoulder. “What do you think, Jasfoup?”

“I think about a lot of things.” The demon was struggling to recover his rope. “Are you referring to anything in particular?”

“Yes, these demons. If they escape from Lucy, where do they go?”

“Hell, into the circle of traitors. They should have returned to Legion when Iesu expelled them but they chose to return to Manoach. Legion will have them tortured for eternity.”

I thought as much.” Harold turned to the half-handed one. “Did you hear that? Join us or be tortured for the rest of eternity.”

Jasfoup tapped him on the shoulder. “You don't need to say 'for the rest of'. It's a tautology. Eternity is eternity.”

“I added it for emphasis to make it sound longer.”

“It doesn't. It sounds shorter, because despite all the thousands of years of the universe so far, it's but a moment compared to eternity. That's how long the poor legionnaire will suffer. It almost makes me feel sorry for him.”

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