Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 131.13

“I feel a bit sorry for him. He'd only got half a hand, look. Mind you, he'd bled all over my sword so I don't feel that bad.”

Gillian performed a spinning kick to the demon's midriff, the crack of bone sounding like a pistol shot in the confined space. It went backwards through the door at some speed. “Will you two stop nattering and get on with the task of stripping this demon out of its host?”

“Not if you kill it first.” Harold debated following the demon but the increased space in the laboratory behind would offer it a better position to fight from. He elected to await its return into the bottleneck of the doorway.

“Harold!” Jasfoup thumped his shoulder. “Follow up. It'll get away.”

Harold looked through the window. The demon was indeed heading toward the opposite door. Gillian gave chase, her supernatural speed easily outstripping the human frame. She leaped onto its shoulders and took it down. He passed his sword to Jasfoup, caught Lucy's hand and scooped her into his arms to carry her over the bodies of the hosts and into the room.

Lucy stripped out the demon, the oily, eel-like form distorting the skin of her arm for a moment as it settled into her body. Where did they go? Harold wondered. He could see them on Manoach but even with the Sight, Lucy looked like any other well-coordinated child. He wondered what she looked like to a demon who could see the spirit inside her. He'd have to ask Jasfoup.

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