Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 132.01

White shifted his leg gingerly, wincing as pins and needles flooded through the waking flesh. It served him right for tucking one leg under him like a teenager. He stood, the pressure increasing the pain but reducing the duration.

Sergeant Peters heard his hiss. “Are you all right, sir?”

“Fine thank you. Just been in one position too long.” He glanced at his watch. They'd been here an hour already and it was almost lunchtime with a good half-hour's walk back to the car. He felt his stomach rumble.”

“I'm a bit peckish myself, sir.” Peters looked up from his phone. “It's eight hours since you got me out of bed. How long do we have to wait here?”

“Until something comes out.” White scowled at the ancient monument. DS Anna Wilde had found a missing boy in there once. That was the trouble with ancient monuments. They attracted nutters like ants to a discarded eyeball.

“We're not even sure something went in.”

“Are we not?” White pointed at the ground. “Look here. The crass has been crushed by something heavy and my guess it is it was that robot we saw.”

“If you say so, sir.” Peters gazed at the dark space between the stones. “Couldn't we just have a little shufti?”

“Anything we found would be inadmissible without a warrant and I couldn't even try to get a warrant for an archeologically historical monument.”

“Still...” Peters made a face like a cat about to sneeze. “We've got evidence of disturbance and we could apply the Ancient Monuments Act to at least have a shufti inside.”

“I suppose.” White shook his leg, relieved the circulation was flowing normally again. “All right. You go in and I can say I ordered you not to if I have to.”

“So I'd get it in the neck?”

“Better you than me.”

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