Monday, November 26, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 132.05

“I prefer 'dedicated', thank you.” White looked at his sergeant, uncertain if he was losing his hold over the man. Peters was looking to take ins inspectors exam, after all. Was there room for another inspector in the Serious Crimes squad? He didn't think so. He still had five years before retirement, though Beryl was always badgering him to take an early leaver package and go. He was reluctant to leave the force. He'd seen too many ex-coppers just stop living after they retired. The force became the life and without it, life stopped. Best he be kind to the man instead.

He sat on his rock again, careful not to duplicate the position that gave him pins and needles. He took out his wallet and inspected the contents. “How about I stay here while you fetch us a couple of blankets and some food? It could be a wild goose chase but I'm convinced if we stay here long enough we'll nab the perpetrators. Somebody took those two lads and I'm convinced this is the key to it all.”

Peters visibly brightened. “Are you sure, sir? It's twenty minutes back to the car and ten back into town. Factor in a stop at the nick and picking up some food and I'll be gone at least ninety minutes.”

“I'm not afraid of the woods, sergeant.”

“I didn't think you were. I was more concerned with you coming face to face with that robot on your todd.”

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