Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 133.01

Seven floors up from the Dead Line rift laboratory were the tech labs and, as Dill pointed out with some discomfort, the spirit transfer and autopsy suites. He took point and led the group with more confidence than he had previously shown, certain that those he encountered would be (a) human and (b) intimidated by the slippage of his appearance. “What sort of a supernatural world do you guys inhabit? I've gone less than a day since my last ingestion of human tissue and I already look like a corpse again. Don't you ever watch the movies?”

“We do, actually.” Harold opened a door and clonked a security guard with a swing of the handle end of his sword cane, A solid connection with the man's temple left him unconscious and he just took an extra moment to check the man wasn't seriously injured, other than a headache when he came to. “To be fair, every zombie film I've ever seen, with the exception of about three, pegged zombies as mindless killing machines rather than rational beings desperate to iron out the bugs in a crossover project between science and the supernatural. You're very much an exception to the norm.”

“We are, you mean.” Dill's voice altered to the one Harold recognised as Sam.

“Quite. I've never seen an electrical life form before, though given the brain is a collection of electrical impulses I shouldn't be surprised. ” He removed the walkie talkie and the taser from the guard and passed the latter to Dill. “Here. Try not to kill anyone who doesn't try to kill us first.”

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