Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 133.03

“Some people do. People who watch football. People who don't spend their lives getting stoned and playing video games.”

“We don't do those things either.”

“But you did before you...”

“Died? I suppose so. Maybe we will again but I'm fairly certain I will never say 'footie' in a jovial and conversation prompting manner.”

Harold stared at him. “No, you probably won't. And you know what? That's a pity, because you might find you enjoy a bit of social banter with the common man.”

“If I want social interaction I'll have a look on facespace. All I want of of your average Joe is to pick his brains.” Sam grinned the nasty grin Harold was becoming used to. “And perhaps his heart, liver and muscle tissue.”

“There were a dozen people in the labs downstairs you could have eaten without hurting anyone who wasn't already dead and gone.”

“It's not the same, though is it?”

“It's not?”

“Nah. Meat kept fresh by the application of a possessing demon is like eating pickled onions. Nice as an accompaniment but you wouldn't make a whole meal out of it. No.” He tucked the taser into the waistband of his trousers and rubbed his hands together. “I'm looking forward to the main course. Someone whose heart races when they look at you and sweetens the meat with adrenaline.”

“You really are quite disgusting, you know.”

“Am I? I'll have to take your word for that. Or perhaps you'd like to turn the 'blood and gore' setting down to 'horsies and ponies'? Oh wait, you can't. This is real life.”

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