Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 133.06

Harold raised his arms and dropped them in a gesture of existential defeat, unable to articulate the nameless dread he felt over Sam's disregards for the nature of humanity. “Everybody. Ordinary people. He's adapted the taser he took off the guard so that it delivers a lethal dose.”

“Doesn't that go against his zombie nature?”


“Doesn't the fact that he's rewired the weapon defy his desire to eat living flesh?” Gillian hefted Lucy into a more comfortable position and changed arms. Even a vampire was prone to muscle fatigue. “I mean, it makes far more sense for a zombie to use a stun setting to incapacitate a victim. There'd be less chance of getting an icepick in the head, for example, or a boot in the kneecap. It would be easier to tuck into a stunned victim than one still kicking and screaming, so altering the taser to kill implies a move away from his zombie nature.”

“I see.” Harold nodded slowly, digesting the argument. “You're right. My apologies.”

“It takes a big man to admit he was wrong.” Gillian drew him into an awkward, one-armed hug. “Of course, what it actually meant is that Dill's a psychopath and likely to go on a killing spree.”

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