Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 133.07

“It's Sam I'm worried about.” Harold stroked a beard he didn't actually have. “Dill's all right. I quite like him, actually, apart from the times where he eats people in the Tesco car park. If he wasn't a zombie I'm pretty sure we'd be friends. Sam, though...” He shook his head, seeing the glittering eyes and the shifty smile of the other zombie. “I'm pretty sure it's Sam who's the psycho. Every time I see him it's like...”

“Looking at Gollum from the six-hour film you made me watch?”

“Gollum, yes, exactly. Smeagol and Gollum. Two distinct personalities in one body.” He looked sideways at her. “And that was Lord of the Rings. A classic of modern literature and a fairly faithful representation of it in film.”

“Yes, Harold, of course.” She smiled at him.

“Not exactly what we're facing, mind, because of course Sam is actually a completely different person inhabiting Dill's body, not just a personality.”

“So he says.” Gillian checked her throwing knives. “Did you ever see this Sam before now?”

“Um...I'm pretty sure Julie did. Didn't she tell Jasfoup she'd met them at the Moon?”

“I don't remember. A lot has happened the last few days.”

“I suppose.” Harold beckoned Jasfoup over and the demon took a last look at his phone before tucking it away.

“What's up? Are we ready to get moving again?”

“Nearly. Tell me, though, are Dill and Sam separate identities in the same body, or is Sam a persona of Dill's he's not aware of?”

“Oh, they're two different spirits, definitely.” Jasfoup lowered his voice. “Why? Are you going to dispose of them? It'd be a two-for-one deal.”

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