Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 133.08

“Thinking about it, certainly.” Harold grimaced in a fit of indecision. “The trouble is, I really like Dill. It's the other one I don't trust. Sam.”

“Yes. He does seem to be a little one-directional in his approach to things. Meet it head-on, study it and if it's not useful in the immediate of foreseeable future, kill it.” Jasfoup shrugged. “I think it comes of being a child prodigy. Did you know he was designing computers by the time he was seven? He couldn't write software for shit so nobody realised his series of biscuit tins and baked bean cans was actually a fully function satellite defence system only waiting for a download from NASA to eliminate the threat of thermonuclear war forever.”

“Wow. What happened to it?”

“His mum gave it to the Church bazaar collection. They disassembled it and sold it off in pieces filled with home-made mince pies.”

“So we shouldn't kill him?”

“I'm not saying. It's all a matter of freedom of choice. You little orphan zombie there might be the next Leonardo da Laverstonia or he might be the next Niels Bohr.”

“That doesn't sound so...Wait! He's an orphan?”

“No, but it made you look at him in a new light, didn't it? Both his parents are alive, though they are related to each other by a quirk of wartime fostering.”

“How so? There hasn't been a world war in sixty years.”

“And yet the human race runs on trilogies. Don;t you find that curious? And not a little disturbing.”

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