Friday, December 7, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 133.09

“I don't follow...”

“Both of young Sam's parents were the children of people fostered as children in the last war who subsequently became orphans and were taken in by the fostering families. His father, you'll recall, was held an accidental captive in the Tower of Records for the whole of Sam's life. His mother hasn't even seen Percival since Sam's conception, other than a furtive cuddle in the back row of the cinema during one of the Star Wars movies. He's been raised by his single-parent mother who believed that the one boy she ever loved abandoned her after a three week love affair. Follow that with his utter genius with computer hardware but complete lack of ability with academic subjects which leaves him in a dingy downstairs flat attending the local community college instead of a high powered research fellowship at a major university. Then to top it all he smokes a bit of weed which rips his spirit from his body but leaves him tied to it while the carcass slowly rots. Can you really blame him for having a cynical attitude?”

“Dear dog. The poor kid. I never thought of it like that.” Harold clutched at Jasfoup's arm. “What can we do for him?”

The demon peeled Harold's grip from the sleeve of his Armani. “On the other hand, he is a little psychopath all too fond of killing in some misguided effort to have the world pay for what he perceives as cruel fate. If he were still mortal he'd be the subject of a manhunt, a documentary and a slew on non-fiction B-list undersellers. Chop him in half lengthways for all I care.”

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