Monday, December 10, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 133.12

“Hmm. I'm not convinced. Frankly, until I met you chaps I was a confirmed Dawkinsian.”

“A what?”

“Atheist. Follower of Richard Dawkins. Honestly, if we believed in religion we'd petition to have him sainted. Actually, I ought to write to him and tell him we were all wrong. Perhaps I could have some photographs?”

“Doubtful.” Despite the elevator button being lit, Harold reached forward and pressed it several more times. “Jasfoup always looks like a bored businessman, I look like your typical above-averagely handsome gentleman and Lucy really is just a little girl, despite her gifts. Gillian doesn't appear in photographs at all. She's got a natural invisibility cloak. And no, I don't know how to reproduce the effect.”

“So no photographs then?”

“I'm afraid not. None that anyone would believe were real, anyway. Did you meet Felicia at all?”

“I don't think so.”

“A shame. She's a werewolf. You could take a picture of her.”

“And that would be proof of the supernatural, would it?”

“It's be proof you'd photographed a dog.”

“What if I met him myself?”

“You've already said he's a sceptic. He'd assume you to be cleverly made-up, an escapee from a film set, sent to mock him.”

“But...” Dill flapped his arms. “It's all true.”

“Only if you believe in it. Ask Jasfoup. He's been in the game five centuries and no-one believes in the supernatural.”

“S'right.” The demon smiled. “Modern film media has done more to make people deny demons exist than a thousand years of the church telling people we do.”

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