Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 133.13

“But more people believe in the supernatural than ever before. The Catholic church has set up a helpline to deal with all the exorcism enquiries. How can you say people deny believe in the supernatural after that?”

“Because people like attention, and attention from the church is the best of all because it makes you appear pious. 'Look,' you might say. 'The devil has possessed our child. See how important we are because the church comes to rid us of the evil. What tablets? Oh, these? The doctor prescribed them but we won't give her any because we're sure the doctor has given us placebos to be rid of us. You can't trust science, can you?'”

“Ah.” Dill grimaced and nodded, the action making the flesh one one cheek slip, giving him the appearance of a stroke victim. He hissed in annoyance and pushed it back but it just fell again. “That makes a lot of sense, actually. People deny science as long as it suits them. I've seen someone dismiss aspirin as hokum but embrace pot as the answer to everything. I mean, yes, oblivion makes the pain go away but when you come to, it's still there. Aspirin is just as natural, mostly, and allows you to get the underlying problem sorted.”

“I know a woman you should meet. She lauds the value of natural remedies.”

“Great.” The elevator pinged at the carriage arrived at their floor. “Is she single?” The elevator doors opened to reveal two guards in shirt-sleeved uniforms.

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