Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 133.14

The elevator doors pinged.

Anyone who thinks a zombie is a slow, shambling corpse with little fine motor skills and no conversation should be forced to watch one in action, Harold thought. He hadn't seen such savagery combined with such finesse since he'd paid for sex with a vampire hooker before revealing his blood group.

The two guards had been chatting amiably, one drinking a machine-vended coffee. As the doors opened and they spotted Harold and Sam they both went for their tasers. He watched it with the speed of vampire-enhanced senses. The first guard let go of his coffee but before the cup was even in free-fall Sam had blurred into action, stepping into the lift and grabbing at the second guard's shirt front with one hand while simultaneously pushing at his forehead with the other. This exposed his neck.

With the first man's hand now half-way to his belt and the cup reaching the top of its arc and about to descend, Sam ripped out the throat of the guard in his grip, let go, and delivered a leopard punch to the side of the first guard's neck. Harold heard the snap.

Sam caught the second guard with his left hand and the coffee cup with his right. He presented it to Harold. “Here. Don't say I never give you anything.” Harold sipped it without thinking as he looked at the two dead bodies. The elevator's flute music gave the scene a surreal quality.

The elevator doors pinged.

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