Monday, December 17, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 133.19

They waited a few moments in that uncomfortable not-looking-at-anyone, facing forward stance before Harold frowned and looked at Dill. “We're not moving.”

“Did you press the button?” Jasfoup leaned past Harold and pressed several floors at random. “Which floor are we going to?”

“Third, and yes I did.” Dill batted the demon's hand away and pressed the '3' again. It was an odd lift.

The topmost button was marked 'G', presumably for 'Ground floor' and the rest of the buttons, eleven in all, were in descending order from that, indicating the vastness of the underground complex. They had boarded on level seven and just the thought of that amount of rock above his head gave Harold the willies. He shuddered. “Press it again. Maybe you have to press it multiple times. Or not at all.”

“Or maybe you have to insert a key card.” Gillian pointed to a grill which Harold had assumed was part of the ventilation system. “That would make sense if the lift goes straight to Jim Hunt's office.

“Ah, yes. She's right.” Dill looked down at the pile of body parts and rifled through the security guard's pockets, heedless of the extra stains he was accumulating on his hands and clothes. Bloody fingerprints already decorated the walls like the paintings of an asylum for the criminally insane. “Ah. Here we go.” He slid the magnetic pass key into the slot and pressed the button again.

The bottom of the elevator carriage dropped out, sending them tumbling into the darkness of the empty lift shaft below.

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