Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 133.22

Harold let the innuendo pass as the demon glided to the bottom of the shaft. Not that he could tell how far that was, other than the lit sanctuary of the lift receded into the overhead darkness. He was relieved when he found solid floor beneath his feet.

He squeezed the demon's arm in thanks. “Now go and save Lucy.”


Harold felt the sudden warm breeze as Jasfoup powered upward again and was gone. He fumbled for his mobile phone, thumbing it on to activate the flashlight function. Try as he might, he'd never managed to rename it 'torch'. He played the beam across the walls and floor of the shaft. For somewhere so fond of technology and clean lines, the Magelight lift shaft was shockingly filthy.

He jumped when he came across the jumble of flesh and bone. Despite thinking about it only a few moments ago, the raw brutality of it still gave him pause. He was glad Lucy hadn't fallen. Judging by the number of jagged bones sticking up she'd have been safer falling onto the bare concrete. The bone pile was reminiscent of a jungle spear trap.

Amongst the bone pile was the remains of Dill. The zombie was pierced in several places and three of his limbs were twisted at odd angles. One of his arms was concertinaed with the humerus almost touching the wrist. Had gravity taken their hard decision away from them?

Dill groaned.

Harold pursed his lips. Bugger. The zombie was still very much alive.

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