Friday, December 21, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 133.23

“Ah! You're alive!”

“That does appear to be the case.” Dill groaned again, allowing Harold the opportunity to home in with his beam of light until he could pick out the zombie from the rest of the human debris. “What happened?”

“The bottom of the lift opened like a pair of bomb doors and dropped us into the shaft below. I was worried you'd fallen onto the security guards and a particularly jagged femur had entered your head through the soft palate and pierced your brain, thus ending your unexpected post-mortal existence.”

“No, I survived.” Dill tried to struggle to his feet but fell back into the pile of body parts. “Would you give me a hand?”

“There's one just by your elbow. It's got a ring on it. He must have been married. I wonder if he had kids, too.”

“Very droll. I meant, would you help me up, please?”

“Right. Sorry.” Harold bit down the gorge threatening to add to the pile of loathsome nastiness, located the zombie's mutely flapping arm and took hold. He leaned backwards to add his weight to the effort to free Dill from the disassembled security guards.

Dill rose, staggered a few steps and collapsed to the ground. “Oh dear.”


“I seem to have multiple broken bones and fractures.”

“That's a real shame, old chap.” Harold began checking the walls. “Look. There's the level eleven door. Do you think we can open it from in here?”

“Dude? I can't even stand up right now.”

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