Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dead Rite chapter 133.25

“As long as there's one bar we can still go to I'll be happy.”

“I won't.”

“I was trying to make a joke, Harold.”

“'Trying' being the operative word. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with you calling me 'Harold', you know.” Harold looked at the glittering eye of the zombie. Just the one, since the other had clouded over again.

“Don't you like me?”

“I like you well enough, but I don't trust you. Not entirely. I'm sorry, but such things should be out in the open. We have different ideals, you and I.”

“In what way?”

“Well...” Harold flapped his arms in a mid display of frustration. “Look at the security guards upstairs. I try to save them and you try to save them for later, because you've already eaten two.”

“Only because I need them to survive.”

“Yes, I appreciate that, but this is why people in general are ill-disposed toward the undead. You're a step out of the natural order of things. People shouldn't stay alive after they're dead. If people were meant to be alive after they were dead it wouldn't be called 'dead'.”

“We pass the state of death on. Perhaps that's our purpose in life. To bring death.”

“I think humanity is already pretty good at that.”

“You may have a point.” Dill lifted a leg but his foot just drooped off the end. “However, it's a debate for another time. Right now I'd rather we all get out of her and leave the undead bashing for another time.”

“Undead bashing?” Gillian landed a couple of feet away, making Harold jump. She stepped forward, trailing her hand across Harold's shoulders. “Let me guess. Harold's banging on about the sanctity of humanity again.”

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