Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 133.35

“I was not.” Harold pulled Gillian and Lucy closer to the centre of the shaft. “I just couldn't see the point of it.”

“Well, you can now.”

Harold closed his eyes as the lift continued to descend, gripping Gillian's hand tightly. At least, he hoped it was Gillian's. She had such a hard grip he couldn't really tell.

“You can open your eyes, Harold.” Jasfoup's voice was softly reassuring. “And you can let go of my hand now, too.”

Ah. Not Gillian's, then. At least it wasn't Dill's. He opened his eyes to see the well-lit walls of the lift car down as far as his biceps, the elevator doors open to reveal Devious looking at them. Oddly, they were about at eye level, and he was surprised to find the imp had a squat, fat nose like a cartoon dwarf, rather then the lizard-like snout it resembled from above. “Good work, Devious.”

He moved to one side as Gillian passed Lucy up to floor level, and was surprised to find his toddler towered over the imp. He'd always assumed they were the same height, since he saw the top of both of their heads.

“Move to one side, darling.” Gillian illustrated her request with hie hand and once Devious and Lucy were out of the way, made a standing leap to their position, from where she helped Harold out.

Jasfoup stepped up, his legs making the four-foot step look like a footstool, and finally, Harold helped Dill to climb out, wishing he'd had the forethought to bring enough damp paper towels to wipe his hands afterwards.

He looked round at the assembled company. “Right. Now what?”

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