Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 134.02

He got as far as 'staking out an historically important monument on the off-chance there's a secret door inside it leading to a hidden underground military research facility' and hesitated. That sounded tenuous to say the least. He backspaced out the sentence and replaced it with 'staking out a site of suspect activity, 11:00 AM to – he checked the time and added a bit – 12:00 AM. It was just a shame they hadn't yet digitised the overtime and subsistence claim forms. He'd have to wait to fill those in at the station. Not that they'd allow him twelve hours of overtime in one day. They'd be more likely to allow him time off in lieu, but that would please Beryl, anyway. Perhaps they could manage a day trip to Bournemouth. Perhaps even an overight in a bed and breakfast.

He smiled to himself at the thought of Beryl with her socks off on the beach. They'd been to Bournemouth when they were courting. She told her parents it was with Edith, her best friend from school. Whatever happened to Edith? They'd all lost touch over the years. He'd have to make a point of looking her up. He could use the internet.

That was one good thing about the advance of technology. Communication and the streamlining of information. He could access cases from years ago in order to cross reference details. Fingerprints could be matched in days instead of weeks. It would be quicker if they got the database in order but who had the resources to scan in all the pre-2007 fingerprints? Not the police, anyway.

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