Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 134.03

One thing they didn't do – and he was sure this was universal and not just Laverstone Police – was to accept text messages in lieu of reports. It was a pity, but at least he could e-mail his notes to his station account and paste in into the official report tomorrow. As long as he was up to date by the end of the month it would be fine. If he'd known he'd be on an extended field location he could have brought his laptop and done it properly. He could have played solitaire then, too. He had it on his phone but the cards were too small for him to see properly. Perhaps he should get a tablet computer with his tax refund. If he got one this year.

He put his phone away again and stood. The sun had reached its zenith and crossed over into aftenoon, leaving everything but the buzzing of a few early bees still and quiet. He did another circuit of the site. Still nothing to report and nothing to hear from the depths of the dolman.

He looked along the path but there was no sign of Sergeant Peters. A shame. He was looking forward to a spot of lunch. Surely nothing had happened to him. What if he'd been attacked? Peters could take care of himself in a one-on-one situation but what if he'd walked into the robot? It would more than likely pulverise him.

“Sergeant?” He listened for a reply but nothing was forthcoming. At least now he knew he had time to answer the call of nature.

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