Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 134.05

“Sergeant, you are a marvel.” White rubbed his hands in glee. “I could almost kiss you.”

“Hold that thought, sir, and remember it when my application for promotion lands on your desk.” He set up the stove of a flat patch of grass in a sheltered spot and took the lid off the kettle.

“Oh, I'll never allow you a promotion, sergeant.”

Peters stopped in the middle of filling the kettle from the water bottle. “Why not?”

“And lose the best sergeant I ever had?”

“Oh, right.” He laughed and returned to filling the kettle. “I'm sure your next one will be even better, sir, especially when you insist they read my notes on how to look after you.”

“You've written notes, have you?”

“Not yet, but I would before I took up a promotion. Probably send it directly to them, to be honest. Wouldn't want to bore you with it.”

“Wouldn't want to see you writing about what a cantankerous old buzzard I am, more like.”

Peters grinned. “That too, of course.” He pulled out a box of safety matches and lit the stove, then set the water to boil. “Plus all the notes about Beryl's preferences in respect for your health.” He pulled out some café-style packets from his pocket. “Sugar or saccharine in your tea?”

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