Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 134.07

“Right, thanks.” Peters poured boiling water into the two mugs he'd set out on the grass between them, put the kettle to one side and picked up a spoon to mash the tea bags. “Milk in before or after I take the bag out?”

“After, please.” White shuddered. “Leaving it in makes the whole cup taste of tannin.

“Some people like it like that. My Janet, for one. She always leaves the tea bag in. You get used to it eventually.”

“But you generally drink coffee, sergeant.”

“That's a good point, sir.” Peters gestured at him with the tea spoon. “I can't say I've ever noticed the correlation before. Of course, it could be that I'm just inherently lazy, and that I'll take advantage of someone else making a drink whenever possible.”

“There is that.” White accepted the enamelled tin mug of tea, careful of the extreme heat of the mug. It was of white enamel with a blue rim. He remembered such mugs from years ago, when they were building houses in the field next to his Gran's. The builders all had mugs like these. “Where did you get the mugs from? I haven't seen any like these in years.”

“They were in the camping set in the garage. I think it used to belong to Janet's brother.” He frowned. “Or her dad. I forget. I can ask, if you like.”

“It's not necessary. I just wondered if they were new or vintage.” He took a sip. “A memory of childhood, that's all.”

“I'm surprised you can remember that far back.” Peters grinned as he pulled out a frying pan from the pack, followed by a cardboard pack of eggs and two packets of vacuum packed meat. “Egg and bacon sarnie do you, Sir?”

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