Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 135.10

Harold peeled his lips away from his teeth. “Ouch.”

“Hmm. More of an ohhhh... as I recall.” Gillian winked. “None of which has anything to do with our current objective, which is to kick Jim Hunt in the – “

“Government contract.” Jasfoup pointed further up the stairs. “Which I think is the intention of our young zombie associate.” He leaned in to Harold. “Did you notice I avoided saying 'friend?'?”

“I did, actually. That was clever of you, but unnecessary. Even without his mental duality, I don't think any of us would consider him an actual friend. He's far too unstable.”

There was a muffled clunk from further up the stairwell followed by a tink...tink...tink... Jasfoup bent to intercept a screwdriver as it described a complex parabolic descent and held it up. It was the security headed tool he'd given Dill earlier. “Oh dear. I think somebody overheard you saying you didn't consider him a friend.”

“He couldn't have heard that. He's two floors up and his ears are decomposing into muddy puddle with every second that passes. Besides, I didn't say I didn't like him, just that none of us trusted him.” Harold shook his head and stuttered over the injustice of it. “It's not even him that I distrust. It's the sociopathic one that's sharing his head.”

“Ah,” Gillian nodded sagely. “The genius level Sam, child prodigy and cold-blooded killer.”

“Exactly.” He frowned. “Not that all child prodigies become killers, mind.”

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