Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 135.12

“That's an interesting idea.” Jasfoup paused, almost causing Gillian to bump into him. He put one hand over his mouth, lightly smacking his lips and making several different tones as he considered the suggestion. “What would happen to a zombie in the Tower of Records, I wonder.”

“His body would heal, surely?”

“And decay at the same time. It rather depends upon his rate of entropy. It he were relatively well-fed when he went in, the chances are he'd function perfectly for eternity. If he was close to full deterioration, though, then the healing process would merely delay the inevitable.”

“And would his spirit be released?”

“Probably not. It's the nature of Hell not to release spirits, after all, and zombies are generally tied to their physical remains. Remember that neighbour of your mother's?”

“Tom Blesset, you mean.”

“That was a bit of a shame. Their spirits remained tied to their bodies even after they decomposed completely. He had to grind their skeletons to dust in the end.”

“Did that free them?”

“Do you know what? I don't know. They've never appeared down Below so either they're Upstairs or they're haunting the council flower beds on the A36 roundabout.”

Harold grimaced. “Poor sods.”

“Sods, turves and clods of earth too, I should imagine.”

“I didn't mean the tower, anyway. I meant Percy, his actual Dad. Where did he go after we got him out of Hell?”

“I don't actually know but he shouldn't be too hard to find. Why?”

“If we introduced Sam to his biological father, wouldn't Percy be a better host than Dill?”

“That's cruel, even for me, and you're not me. Poor Percival.”

“What dad wouldn't want to spend quality time with his son?”

“But Sam would possess him. Percy would be subjugated inside his own body or even expelled. Either way, he'd be effectively dead.”

“Leaving us free to isolate and dispose of Sam.”

“Brilliant.” Jasfoup nodded several times. “Horrible and diabolic, but brilliant.”

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