Friday, January 25, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 136.01

Jasfoup led Harold up the stairs to the next floor but one and cautiously pulled open the door. The corridor behind was clear and they slipped through.

“How do you know we're in the right place?” Harold looked through the small inspection window of Research 513 but was disappointed to find nothing but a desk and chart full of mathematics. He was the sort of man who was unfazed by theoretical maths and would do his best to understand the principle guiding it despite his lack of education in the area past A level. This, though, looked more like the mad scribbles of the insane prophet Al Alhazred on his better days. He couldn't make head nor tail of it except for one word written, for some reason, in Sanskrit. Yellow. He crossed the corridor to look into 512.

“Because I can sense it. I can sense Devious, rather. It's like having a homing beacon that guides me to the imp. I could tell he was above me so we went up until I sensed him on the same level, then I move in his general direction until I sense he's to the left or right.” He pointed ahead. “He's that way and slightly to our right.

“Brilliant.”Harold tore his gaze from the object in Research 512, a mechanical spider four feet high and six across. He guessed it was an advanced piece of military hardware – perhaps for bomb disposal over uneven terrain or even bomb placement. Either way it would inspire fear in anyone who saw it. It might give him nightmares himself. He'd hated spiders ever since those giant ones in Faery. “Can you sense every imp, or do you have a special relationship with Devious?”

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