Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 136.07

Harold looked back at the zombie. “Are you sure about this?”

“I'm tired of being dead.” Dill held out a hand but it was still Sam's voice. “Look. I fed thirty minutes ago and I've already started to decay again.”

Harold looked at the mottled flesh. When Dill had eaten, his flesh had turned a healthy pink from the fresh blood and organs but now it had turned as mottled and grey as a two-week old corpse. “I understand the need, but is this really the right solution?” He glanced back at the laptop. “There must be another way to get your life back. And what about Dill? Did he want this? Or are you leaving him in his flesh?”

“No, he can come too. That's the beauty of this. We can enter or leave the golem at will. We'll build new golems, more suited to out needs.” The zombie's eyes glittered. “With these spirit cubes we can exist in any body of living metal. We'll be immortal.”

“Not if you go out in the rain, you wont.” Harold knocked on the metal body with his fist, expecting it to ring like a bell and disappointed that it didn't. “This'll rust to buggery.”

“This one, perhaps, but the next one will be made of stainless steel...or titanium...maybe even plastic. We could build any form we wished to inhabit and change at will.”

“Bloody Hell.” Harold rarely swore, having seen first hand what happens to blasphemers in the afterlife and being generally unwilling to spend eternity head-down in Louisiana excrement. “That's a fetishist's dream. There'll be chaos in the bedrooms.”

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