Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 136.09

“With you, there.” The zombie slumped to the ground.

“Wait. What just happened?”

“They went into the robot.” Lucy put down the book she'd been reading for the past five minutes. Chemical Bonds in Compound Substances was certainly an advanced book for a two-year old, but Harold had already spotted she'd been holding it upside down and trying to make pictures by connecting the atoms in a diagram. Even a child as bright as his hadn't got past her alphabet and a few simple single-syllable words yet. He resolved to buy her the Ladybird Book of Inorganic Chemistry next time they went to the park. “I can pull them out again if you like.”

“No, that's all right, thank you darling.” Harold shot a glance at Gillian, who seemed bored by the whole proceedings. “We'll be going home soon.”

“But I haven't collected the whole set yet.”

“I'm sorry, what?”

“All the demons. There are two more.”

“Two?” Harold's brow furrowed as he looked to Jasfoup for assistance. “I thought only one was missing, the one controlling Jim Hunt.”

“No, Daddy, there are two.” Lucy went quiet for a moment. “All right. One is in Jim Hunt and the other is in a woman called Mora Fitzwilliam.”

“I've never heard of her, have you?”


“Harold?” Gillian scooped up Lucy, her book falling to the floor. “Don't you ever watch the news? She's the Secretary of State for Defence.”

The golem moved suddenly, its arms flexing and its stubby fingers waggling. Its facial features contorted.

“I think it's trying to speak.”

“Fat chance.” Jasfoup looked up from the laptop where he was monitoring the progress of the troops. “It's got no lungs, no vocal cords and no tongue.”

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