Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 136.10

“Give it the laptop. It can type out a message.”

“I hope it's a fast typer, then.” Jasfoup pointed to the screen before he slid the laptop along the workbench. They're only two floors above us now. We have ten minutes left at best and I can see no way out other than the stairwell.”

Harold held the laptop in range of the stabbing, chunky fingers of the golem but each finger was thick enough to press several keys at once. Worse, only the thumb and index fingers were discrete; the remaining three were in a solid lump of steel that could only be closed into a fist. “He can't type, either. Is there a pen and paper?”

“Can he bark? At least then he'd be able to tell us if Timmy's fallen down the well.”

“Har-de-har.” Harold looked at Gillian. “What are we going to do? Any ideas?”

She looked down at their daughter. “The tunnels? I hate to mention it after Julie lost her mind in Hell, but we've used them before without any ill effects.”

“Apart from you stepping out into a middle eastern desert in the middle of the day.” Harold grimaced. We were lucky there was no wind or I'd have never collected up all the ashes.”

Jasfoup turned a full circle. “There's a doorway there.” He pointed to a spot on the back wall. “Funny. Someone else must have made it because this facility is relatively new. Too new for demons to have it on their maps.”

“Could have been anyone with the amount of supernatural activity Magelight dabbles in.”

“True.” Jasfoup frowned. “Still, it makes me nervous.”

“We have little option at this point, old bean. We'll be dead in eight minutes if we don't.”

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