Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 136.13

“Doesn't want to?” Harold looked at Gillian, who shrugged. “There are armed police about to come bursting through that door and he doesn't want to? What is he going to do then? Wait there until they melt him down for scrap?”

“How should I know? He can't communicate except for the very basic arm signals.” Jasfoup looked back into the room, giving Devious the opportunity to hop into the tunnel carrying a cardboard box that was at least four times his size. Harold was surprised he could even see where he was going.

“What's that you've got there?” He looked in the box. It was full of assorted computer parts and old mobile phones.

“Some sort of computer, sir. Dead boy was quite insistent I remove it from the premises. Said it was the first self aware computer.”

“Did he? How? I thought he couldn't talk.”

“This was before you joined us, sir. Before he jumped into Metal Mickey.”

“I see.”

Jasfoup stepped into the tunnel and closed the portal. With nowhere to escape, the wind dropped. “Right, lets find a way out of here.”

“What about Dill?” Harold pointed back to where the door had been but was now a blank wall with a poster advertising Haircuts at Sweeney Todd's Barbers. Why not try one of our World Famous Meat Pies? “What's he going to do?”

“He has the advantage that they're not looking for a giant metal robot. They'll just think we killed him because he was slowing us down.”

“Great. So we're the killers now?”

“To be fair, my young friend, you're a half demon and she's a vampire. You were always killers.”

“Only in a good cause, though.”

“What sort of good cause?”

Gillian gave a half-smile. “Lunch?”

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