Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 137.03

“Why am I not surprised?” Harold crossed to Lucy, who was still playing with the goo. He took hold of her wrist and shook it vigorously in an attempt to shake off the suspicious substance and when the action failed, wiped her palms against her short dress, where it gleamed like oil on a beached albatross. Satisfied her hands were as clean as he was ever going to get them, he picked her up and carried her back to the others. “Can we get on? Since we can't complete the mission I'm rather keen to go home. Does anyone know what time it is?”

“Two thirty-four.” Jasfoup spoke without even consulting a timepiece. “Yes, much as I'm loathe to agree with you on anything, I've got other work to do. You're not my only client, you know, and I've missed collecting three souls while were were having a bit of a lark in Magelight.”

Gillian seemed unwilling to hurry onwards. “What happens when you don't collect a soul when you should?”

“One of three possibilities, actually.” Jasfoup smiles as he recounted them on his fingers. “One. If the death is irrevocably fatal, such as a car crash, an explosion, an aeroplane crash...that sort of thing... an uncollected soul becomes a ghost. Two, if the death is a lingering one that has a small chance of survival such as an illness, a stabbing, a suffocation, drowning or burning, then there's a good chance the soul will remain inside and give an indication of continued life.” He returned to the present. “Until such time as I get there, of course.”

“And the third possibility?”

“Ah.” The demon's face seemed to collapse in upon itself for a moment. “The third possibility is just too sad to even contemplate.”

“You have to tell us now.”

“If you really must know.” He shook his head and sighed. “The third possibility that the delay gives an angl time to redeem the soul. Then it's lost forever.”

“What? Gone to Heaven, you mean?”

“Heaven? No. I've told you before. Souls don't go to Heaven until the Rapture.”

“Where would they go, then?”

Jasfoup shrugged. “Milton Keynes?”

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