Monday, February 11, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 137.05

“Hippy friend?” Harold snorted. “Meinwen, you mean? I thought you were closer to her than I was. All that 'girls together' stuff you used to do. Why don't you do that anymore?”

Gillian sniffed. “She was always closer to Felicia than me. They used to meet for lunch all the time.”

“That's right. I remember. They were friends even before Felicia turned. And Julie, of course, though Meinwen was always a bit prickly around her, as I recall.”

“That's because Meinwen always called herself a witch, and Julie really was one.”

Jasfoup tried to separate them. “I think you're both being a bit hard on her.”

“Oh yes?” Gillian raised the pitch of her voice. “Defending a mortal, are you? Going a bit hard on her yourself?”

“Hardly.” The demon tugged his jacket straight. “She dated Azazel for a while, if you recall. I'm not going to compete with an arch-duke. Besides, she saved all of you, remember? She journeyed into Hell where you couldn't.”

“True, but you wanting her is more interesting.” Harold nudged Gillian, who giggled. “I could set you up on a date with her, if you like. I don't think she's seeing anyone.” Lucy began to squirm again, so he set her down.

“She hasn't got the Sight, anyway.”

“I think you're both very mean.” Jasfoup looked down as Lucy began tugging at his trouser leg. “What?”


“You can't have a lollipop until you can sign your name on a receipt.”

“Talking of mean.” Harold scowled at him. “She's barely two years old and you're already lining her up for a contract to take her soul.”

“Ambition, old chap. Her soul with be worth a small fortune.”

“Perhaps, then, you could give her a lollipop on account?”

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