Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 137.06

Jasfoup scowled “Very well, but I want it on record that I did a good deed. Not a public record, obviously, but one in which you remember I did you a favour.” He replaced the scowl with a smile and squatted to present the child with a sherbet lolly. “Here you are, Lucy. Just remember that things don't come to those who ask, but the those who have influential connections.”

“Ha.” Gillian thumped Harold on the arm hard enough to sting but not to leave a bruise. “He's right, of course. I can't think of anywhere you can get your desire without influential friends.”

“School?” Harold watched Lucy expertly free the lollipop from its cellophane wrapper. “You can get through school entirely by personal merit.”

“But not what you want.” Gillian scooped her child up. “Tell me you were never intimidated by the school bully.”

“I was, and you know it, but I wanted grades to go to Oxford and I got them.”

“But I bet there were days when you'd have given it all up to keep your lunch money.”

“I suppose.” His brows beetled as he considered the conundrum. “But what about the bully? Terry Patterson got everyone's dinner money. He went through school getting what he wanted.”

“Until the end, where he was reduced to a dead-end job because he hadn't any qualifications.”

“Oh.” Harold looked at Jasfoup, who shrugged. “I suppose so.”

The demon stooped to pick up Lucy's discarded lollipop wrapper, balled it up and stuffed it into a gap in the tunnel brickwork. “See?”