Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 137.08

“But why would you walk so far just to save a few minutes?”

“These are demon tunnels, Harold. Distance is relative. In one step I can travel as far as an echo.”

Harold narrowed his eyes. “That doesn't sound very far.”

“You can bounce an echo off the moon, Harold.” Gillinan shook her head as the other two adults stared at her. “What? Just because I died in 1968 I can't keep up with science?” She looked at Jasfoup's expression. “Oh. It's because I'm a girl, isn't it? Girls can't understand complicated things like science and astronomy. I'll have you know I'm as conversant with modern technology as the next person. I can use a search engine and follow a news feed just as well as you you know.”

“I have no doubt about it. I--”

“I meant Jasfoup, Harold. All you ever do on the computer is look at funny cat pictures and walkthroughs for your games.”

“That's not true at all.” Harold huffed. “I do lots more than that. You don't see me during the day. Tell her, Jasfoup.”

“He does, too. He buys all sorts of things on eBay.”

“Books, mostly.” Harold's laugh sounded false, even to himself. “For the shop.”

“Yes. In face, he showed me how to use it, too. You'd be surprised at the things people sell. Last year I actually bought a soul from a man who didn't believe he had one, and Harold bought a woman's breast.”


“I bought three square inches of a woman's breast in Arizona.” Harold avoided looking in her eyes. “I had her tattoo the shop website on it.” He patted his breast pocket. “I've got a picture if you'd like to see it.”

“I've no wish to see a picture of a strange woman's breast, Harold.”

“She's not strange, she's...”

Jasfoup laid a hand on his arm. “She sold advertising rights to her own breast. She's pretty strange.”

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