Friday, February 15, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 137.09

“Anyway, it's good advertising.”

Gillian's raised eyebrows suggested she didn't believe it. “Have you made any money from it?”

“Yes, actually.”

“He did. It was amazing.” Jasfoup chortled, one hand over his lips. “Not from customers of the lady in question, of course, because there's an assertion that such gentleman can't actually read, let alone run a computer in their manure-powered hovels but the tattoo was featured in an online magazine and Harold's shop tattoo was featured.”

“That sounds encouraging.” She folded her arms. “Not enough to expunge my dissatisfaction with your buying the rights in the first place, mind, but it does show promise.”

“Thank you. I knew it'd make money.”

“What did you sell?”

“Heh!” Jasfoup clapped Harold on the back. “He didn't sell anything. He got a lump sum for selling his story.”

“That's good too.” Gillian extracted a moist tissue to wipe her daughter's sticky face. “What was the magazine? I'd like to have a look.”

Harold gave Jasfoup a surreptitious kick.“Oh, I wouldn't bother.”

“Tattoo Fails, the website is called. It'll come up in a search engine.” The demon grinned. “The great thing is they feature the URL for the website, too, so it's extra advertising for nothing.”

“I do make a good point, though. The first books were made of vellum, so by tattooing were cutting out the process of tanning and preparing the skin.”

“Yes.” Gillian gave Lucy's empty lollipop stick to Jasfoup. “But you seem to be advocating the use of human skin as vellum.”

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