Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 137.1

Harold set Lucy down. It was good for the child to walk, and the demon tunnels were mercifully free of danger. They was a possibility they'd come across a demon, obviously, but he pitied any demon that tried to tangle with his two year old. Good luck to them, and he'd send a 'get well soon' card to a hospital of their choosing afterward. “You know, Whatever Hunt's done wrong, you've got to admire his ingenuity. I would never have thought of opening a portal to Hell and getting demons to do the grunt work in weapons manufacture.”

“You're biased, though. You have a sorcerer’s point of view.” Jasfoup picked up Lucy, who'd found an unidentifiable lump of black goo to play with. “Don't play with that, darling. An incubus might have left it.”

“Why would I not? Magic is the short cut to all positive results.”

“Not just positive.” The demon jerked his thumb back down the tunnel, indicating the weapons facility they'd just escaped from. “How would you consider the marriage of magic and technology in that army of virtually indestructible golems you just helped dismantle? Surely you can't call that a positive result?”

“Of course not. What Hunt did to those poor people...” Harold shuddered. “I mean, extracting a person's soul and enslaving them in a machine...”

“You're wishing you'd thought of it, aren't you?”

“A bit.” Harold raised his hands and dropped them again. “Not that I'd want to command an army of mercenary golems but one or two might be useful to have about the place. I could use one to run the shop, for example. Think of the wages I'd save.”

“You don't pay any of your employees wages.”

“No, but I used to supply tea and biscuits.”

Jasfoup pointed to the imp walking point with a cardboard box of assorted computer parts. “Devious always got those. It was his first job of the morning after scraping your verruca.”

“But it was me who told him to do it.”

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