Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 137.10

“Yes!” Harold's face lit up with her understanding, then fell as he realised the implications. “No. It's not the same. I'm not advocating the use of human skin in bookbinding. Not unless it was consensual, anyway. Personally, I rather like the idea of my skin being used to bind a book but only after a long and happy life and a natural death.”

“You're digging yourself a deeper hole here, old chap.” Jasfoup mimed handing him something. “Here are the keys to the digger. It'll save time.”

“Gee. Thanks. Look, can we change the subject? I don't know how we got onto this in the first place. We're supposed to be escaping Magelightand regrouping.”

“We'll continue this discussion later, Harold.” Gillian caught her daughter's hand. “What time is it now?”

Harold glanced at his phone. “A little after ten-to. Why?”

“She's a vampire, Harold.”

“Yes? So?” His face changed. “Ah.”

“Exactly. If we step out of the tunnel into daylight she'll burn. Much as I'd like to see an end to her I remember how tedious it was to collect up all her ashes the first time. I don't relish having to do the same again and frankly, that ritual is a little stale. I'm not certain we can get any more of her parent's blood, either.”

Gillian huffed. “Thanks for reminding me my parents died due to the incompetence of an imp.”

Harold ignored her. “We have to stay in the tunnel until it gets dark? When is that?”

“Eight twenty-four p.m. But no, we don't have to wait that long. We just have to drop her off somewhere dark first.”

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