Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 137.11

“Can't we combine the two? Find somewhere dark for her that has access to the real world?”

Jasfoup raised an eyebrow. “Like?”

“Ideally, the manor.” Harold made a 'well, dur' face. “Gillian can go into torpor, Lucy can go to bed and I can have forty winks and a cup of tea. And perhaps a biscuit or two. It's not like we can complete the mission, is it? Whether Legion objects or not, we can't complete the assignment until we find Sam Hunt, pin him down and rip the demon from his protesting body.”

“Assuming he's possessed by one.”

“Well, obviously.”

“All right, then.” Jasfoup inserted the cardboard lolly stick into a different gap between the wall tiles. “Follow me.”

He sauntered down the tunnel, Harold stifling a yawn as he trailed behind. Just mentioning the concept of sleep had brought his exhaustion to the fore. He could probably sleep standing up if he wanted to. A thought occurred to him. “Do you use these tunnels all the time?”

“These tunnels in general, yes. This particular tunnel, no.” Jasfoup pointed at the wall, where posters advertised day trips to Alexandria, Constantinople and Byzantium, sporting favourites like jousting at Camelot and the Coliseum in Rome, and consumer targeted advertisements for X-ray spectacles and Apple Macs. “Nobody uses these particular tunnels very often. Why?”

“You always seem to travel instantly from one place to another, yet we've been in this one half an hour already and we haven't got anywhere.”

“Subjective reality, old chap.”

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