Monday, February 18, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 137.12


“The reality you're experiencing is entirely subjective. In the beginning demon could transport themselves any where and any when, but this led to a lot of disorientation among demons and, frankly, travel sickness.”

“Demons get travel sick?”

“We do during instantaneous travel. The Old Ones can sometimes manage it because they were once angels and angels are more used to apparitioning but any of us born after the Fall have trouble.” He put his arm across Harold's shoulders. “Imagine if you moved from one spot to another instantly. Wouldn't you be sick?”

“I don't know. I don't think do.”

“Harold?” Gillian interrupted. “You were inn on the caterpillar in Southend.”

“That was a roller coaster, though.”

“One designed for children under twelve.”

“I remember that.” Jasfoup grinned. “Now imagain if instead of dropping four fett in three seconds you dropped four and a half thousand miles in an instant. Imagine where you'd feel your stomach was.”


“Exactly. Then imagine how a summoner feels when the demon he just called from the abyss is promptly sick over his curly slippers.”

“Wouldn't that add to the ambiance?”

“You'd think, but no. Thus, the powers that be designed the tunnels as a means of keeping our bodies in tune with our higher functions. If you have to walk four and a half thousand miles to get to a summoning, you don't get travel sick.”

“That must have taken some time.”

“It did. Picture, if you will, a necromancer who summons a demon to his aid. Two hours later, the demon still hasn't appeared so he gives up and gets on with his day. A few hours after that he's taking tea with his mother-in-law and a succubus drops into his lap. Unacceptable, think you'd agree.”

“Thus, the tunnels now seem to take ages to get anywhere, but in reality is no more than a second or two.” He reached a door in the tunnel wall and flung it open. “Voila.”

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