Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dead Rite chapter 138.02

“You wouldn't be attempting to bribe a superior officer, would you?”

“Bribe sir? No, sir. Wouldn't dream of it. I can always fry it up for the local fauna. I'm sure there a re plenty around here who wouldn't object to a couple of rashers of lean bacon.”

“We, er... We don't know how long we're going to be here, yet. Could be all night.”

“Ah. Best I save it for a bit then. Wouldn't want to attract wildlife while we're still here, would I?”

“Indeed not, Sergeant. Wouldn't do at all.” White stood and rubbed his hands together. “Although I wouldn't be averse to another cup of tea if you can manage it.”

“Yes, sir. There's plenty. I'll just boil the kettle again.” Peters picked up the box of safety matches and re-lit the camping stove. “It'll be ready in a jiffy.”

“Good to hear.” He nodded to the trees on the other side of the Carn. “I'll just go and make room for it.”

“As you like, sir.” Peters fished about in his camping gear and produced a fold-up trowel. “Will you be needing this?”

White stared at it for a moment until its use dawned on him. “No, sergeant. Just a number one. Back in a tick.”

He left Peters busily rinsing out the tin mugs and setting them up for another round and found a tree just out of sight of him. After careful observation on his surroundings, he was satisfied there were no wandering hikers, dog walkers of would-be archaeologists, and unzipped his fly to allow a steady stream of yellow piss to cascade over the wild garlic

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